Good Morning 🙂

Just got back from a trip that took me halfway across our great nation and ….


Glad I didn’t go all the way across.

“Heartache and the loss of God… Wandering, Wandering in hopeless night…” – Jim Morrison.

That quote ran through my mind a hundred times.

I don’t jump into politics. It’s a game that only a few know how or even want to play. Like the stock market you know? I don’t do it. I vote for who I think can do the job. I do the best I can do at this without getting an application or resume… Or references… Or background check.

It is what it is.

People want to blame politics for the state of things. Even though politics, going all the way back to Washington, have always been a carnival of whatever.

It’s not politics doing this to us.

It’s us doing this to us.

The anger, the sadness… A generation cannot be raised thinking that they have to change the world. Why? Because they will, and they will try to change it as fast and as soon as they can. Regardless of their life experiences, regardless of their knowledge of things… They will try to change the world into their vision of what they think it should be.

We’ve informed them that speed is of the essence. There is no time to waste. The world is ending, the planet is on fire, humankind is at the worst levels of evil that it ever has been.

All hope lies in you our youth… You must do something…

This implants the fear in children that they have no time to learn about what they want to change. No time to learn how to change things properly.

So they do what they feel they have to do. They will do their part. Blindly and angrily… Because in reality… Twenty somethings do not want to be responsible for the whole world and shouldn’t be.


The anger that is present across our country and world is so thick that you can feel it when you enter a town or city.

It’s dangerous and out of control.

When people are so angry they cannot think straight… Everyone is seeing red all the time.

The demons flutter over our heads and laugh and laugh…

If someone tries to calm themselves they are stuck with the proverbial pitchfork again.

People. We have to drive our own vehicle now. We must cut them off ourselves.

You control what you see and hear. More than any time in mankind is it so important that you learn to do this.

If what you are reading or watching starts to boil your blood. Shut it off.

Shut it off.

Do not let yourself be manipulated by trolls with agendas. A.k.a…. Humans, because no, humans have not changed. Certain ones always have an agenda.

People, you do not have to be “informed” or “woke” to every little thing that crosses the globe. Our little brains and hearts cannot handle it. You must fight that sense of urgency to know everything that happens everywhere.

The They, the great schemers will tell you that you must, but believe me, you do not. It is a path to self destruction. To our destruction as a nation.

Your neighbor is still your neighbor. Your teachers are still your teachers. If you do not go break into their closets and pull out their skeletons, you will never know they were ever there. They will still be your neighbors and teachers.

Loss of God. Loss of Faith. It is this that keeps humans constantly running now. Banging on those closet doors, digging deep into the basements… The thought that God will protect is gone. People think it is up to them. We must stop the bad guys, find them, before they get us.

A word on Death…

It will happen to you regardless of what you try to do about it and… It will happen to you when the good Lord or whoever else you think is responsible, so choses.

You cannot stop it. You cannot control it. We have no say over it at all. Anyone who thinks differently is deceiving themselves.


Down here at ground level people are still trying. Trying to get along, trying to make an effort to be friendly with one another. Doors are held open longer for someone to get through. Cigarettes are lit for strangers. A dollar is lent at the register for someone who is short.

This happens regardless of color. Without knowledge of a person’s political affiliation. This is the glue that holds us together. The glue that The They is trying to disintegrate.

They know this and they are amping up the efforts.

The other day my friend, a German immigrant (1990’s, not ancient) and I were taking a break, smoking in the big box store parking lot.

Here comes this guy with a clipboard. He wants us to take a survey for him.

I say about what? He says its to stop illegal immigrants from voting. I say get the fuck out of here with that shit. He takes off, looking for more vulnerable victims, but now, he has inflamed a small anger in me… Not against immigrants or politics but against him.

It’s ridiculous, he’s just another poor sap doing anything to make a dollar. At least I hope anyways… I douse the small flame he has lit in my gut with cool water.

Across the parking lot my friend and I hear a commotion. Looking over there we see two women shouting angrily at each other. The man with the clipboard is standing between them. They are fighting over the viewpoints this man wants to press.

He has achieved a goal for The They. Whoever is paying him, whoever is paying them… The They.

Another fire lit. Another fight started. They have taken it off of the internet and brought it to the street because the internet alone is not enough to break us. It is not enough to fully dissolve our glue.

Will we ever know the results of the survey?

On the street here, do we even know that what we are filling out is really going to our government? Our people?

People we must stick together. Realize that political views, millennial voices and general societal changes are not enough to rip us apart.

We are the only thing that can rip us apart. Our small personal decisions that we make every day. Our hearts, our souls. Our fellow man.

Please go out there today with the love of God my friends. Have Faith that you are not the only one driving the car. Have Faith that your time will come when it is supposed to regardless of what you do. Have Faith that the man standing next to you in the store is not your enemy, but your friend or maybe could be.

Love and Peace Great Nation. Great World. My home. My heart.

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