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The Cafe De L’Etrange

Back in the day we had some real coffee houses. Poetry Readings, Art Openings, Chess Games, RPG’s… Coffee… Like, shitty coffee with grounds in it. You could smoke in there and throw things at the over sensitive poets.

I miss those places… but now, its easier than ever to get everyone together that wants to hang out in a place where you can relax and be the strange person that you are!

There’s music if you want to turn it on… If you have a semi warm cup of coffee, a smelly sofa and a huge ashtray that desperately needs to be dumped.. you should be good to go… Welcome! 🙂 Settle back and read whatever stuff I have dumped onto these pages. Could be anything. My own personal musings, rants, shared news.. World happenings. Whatever it may be you can be assured that it might be something that hopefully, you may want to talk about later. Something that hopefully inspires one to go out into the world and talk to someone about it and hopefully… eventually… create connections, preparations, and to help make our shared world a better place.

The Strange Florida Gift Emporium

Welcome to 13Beez Strange Florida Gift Emporium!! This will be the current online home to a future brick and mortar gift shop in the North Florida area. Which, if anyone would like to help me get started, there is a donation button on the next few pages… Just sayin… 😉

This is no ordinary old souvenir shop though… No. Each item in the shop is actually a souvenir of a story… A moment in Florida time. New items will be added regularly and all products link to the Ebay shop for purchase.

When you enter each section of the shop, you will first get the stories, the histories and what they mean to Florida, click on the Shop links throughout the page to access the Gift Shops.

Thank You for Checking it Out!!!

The Jacksonville Florida Morbid Curiosities Tour

Note: Someday I’ll get this sucker out there… Until then, I have just added a downloadable copy of my newly created Old Jacksonville Quiet Haunts Tour Currently on Test Mode. Thirteen do it yourself stops to some of the more private and “spirited” areas in downtown Jacksonville, Fl. Hopefully will be available in an app as well soon.

Back to… The Jacksonville Florida Morbid Curiosities Tour…

In my delving into the city records, property records, libraries, city directories and cemeteries among some places. I have found a plethora of awesome and delightful stories within the past of Old Jax and I have compiled them into an audio tour. This should be available for download soon and that is what this page is all about.

This downloadable audio will take you on a self guided tour through the downtown and outlying areas of Jacksonville. There will be a printable map included and you will take yourself out and around exploring some of the coolest historical and relatively unknown places in North Florida. You will hear stories of Undertakers & Mortuaries, Musical Priests, Civil War Battlegrounds, Ancient Cemeteries, Ghosts, Killers, Goblins, Murders, Devils & Angels, Arson and all kinds of unimaginable, curious tales and facts about this wicked old city. Wicked. But blessed by individuals who among the hopeful, poor, sick and needy, stood out like beacons of light throughout this city’s history. Popping up randomly in the middle of the worst predicaments and areas. For every 5 devils found here there is at least 1 super angel to take care of their mayhem. It is a poor ratio I guess but amazing in the fact that those angels were ever here at all. That they ever chose to be born or rest their bones here in this place.

The tour is rather long and winding but you can make it your own. Do it as you wish. The audio can be played however you like as you drive, bike, walk or whatever around this fine place. Its a good thing to acquaint newcomers just moving to the city or visiting to the area and different things in it. It would be a nice drive if you are just looking for something to do someday.