The Strange Florida Gift Emporium

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Welcome to 13Beez Strange Florida Gift Emporium!! This will be the current online home to a future brick and mortar gift shop in the North Florida area. Which, if anyone would like to help me get started, there is a donation button on this website… Just sayin… 😉

This is no ordinary old souvenir shop though… No. Each item in the shop is actually a souvenir of a story… A moment in Florida time.

Moments actually, including those more instantaneous ones from local artists, chefs and entrepreneurs.

Some campy attraction, some crazy Florida man incident… Some wild Florida creatures… Some old Florida shaped magnet your Grandma used to have.. I will try to have a piece of it all and share those pieces with you.

Welcome! Please Click on any Section of the Shop You would like to Explore. Products are added frequently so please come back and see what’s new!!

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African Gifts, Fossils & Artifacts

Florida’s Mysterious Swamp Gifts

What is in the Water? Ocean Gifts

Carnivals, The Circus & Fortune Tellers

Ghost Gifts from Paranormal Florida

Classic Florida Road Trip US1

Classic Florida Road Trip Highway 17

If you would like to skip the story and go straight to the gift shops…

African Gift Shop – Genuine Made in Africa products. Masks, Maasai, Jewelry, Drums and Fabrics

Swamp Gift Shop – Natural skulls, Alligators, Glow Items, Snakes and Spiders

Oceans Gift Shop – Starfish, Sand dollars, Mermaids, Pirate’s Imported Treasures, Sharks and Shells

Carnival Gift Shop – Gag gifts, Novelties, Vintage Carnival Memorabilia

The Fortune Teller’s Tent – Crystal Balls, Tarot Cards, New Age Items

Paranormal Gift Shop – Ghost hunter safety kits, Jewelry, Prayer Items, Books, Aliens and Space

Florida Souvenirs Gift Shop – Vintage souvenirs, Classic souvenirs, Vintage Road Trip Wear, Flamingos, Magnets