Their Future

Lines snaked around the building to hear what the young woman had to say… This new, too young, too Millennial, female… Who does she think she is? All inexperienced with her too big skirt and wrinkled shirt?

Young Americans – David Bowie

She’s the new Young American my friends and we should be proud. It’s not our world anymore, it’s theirs. We’ve handed off our trash, our careless living, our disease and shit food to our kids. This is their inheritance.

When the youth of today look out over their future it is nothing at all like those of us in our 40’s and above saw it at their age. Does that make sense? We looked out over a horizon of opportunity, college, great careers. We all were told we could be anything we wanted to be and we could.

Hopefully there is still a future out there where our young people can still experience this as well. It’s what we are all looking for no? Solutions, so there is a better future? Keep on standing in their way and there won’t be much left to solve…

Looking over the course of humankind though, it is clear that the world today has been in a window of time. A window between years of war, famine, and poverty across the globe.

The end of Vietnam started it. Yes, the powers that be have had their skirmishes. But the way that these battles have been executed has been different and it created a 3 or 4 decade window of… What’s a good word??? Harmony?

Maybe the assholes that like to cause trouble were dead and resting for awhile. Maybe that was all it was, but for those who were born and raised from the 60’s on… They have experienced a lifetime where not much conflict directly touched them.

Unlike those before them from the 1800’s into the 1940’s, who sailed over deadly seas to get here. Lost fingers, limbs and lives to run shit factories at the ages of 5 and up. Lived in the streets or shacks with no water or electric. If life wasn’t rough enough, just think how much worse it could be. Because it could be and was.

The human condition has never been more revered and pampered than it is today.

I started with the 1800’s, but when you put it into perspective… Life for humans has never been like it is today. Lights with the flick of a finger. Shit flushed away to some far off land immediately. Baths. Soap. Not getting sliced open on the street for a quarter.

Do we appreciate this window? Do we know what it did to us? Our ability to look in the face of our grandfathers who told us how easy we have it and laugh. Or scoff. The petulance of feeling as if our world just sucks so bad if we can’t have a car or a new pair of sneakers.

Then the nerve to look at our kids and say to them if they don’t like it to do something about it. Just as ours did to us. But these new kids seem to actually be taking those words to heart and at face value. They do something about what pisses them off.

Right, wrong or otherwise.

While we have all been okay with letting the past die, these kids cannot understand the injustices not paid for. If one man can be brought to justice, why not another? Why can one person be idolized despite their crimes and another with the same crimes be executed?

There is no time for all this bullshit for the youth. They are in a frantic rush to save themselves and each other. To save their very future and lives. They have to “do something about it” because we’ve handed them this.

They are right.

I’ma tell you kids something here though. That socialism shit DOES NOT WORK. Some kind of mix with Democracy probably will, but straight Socialism… Some asshole is always going to try to take the public pot. Always. It’s historical. Remember this y’all.

If they do not stop the elitist laziness that has permeated the very bowels of humankind in the 21st Century we will all die. It is a Marvel novel. This is the reality of the future. 30 years may not be such a joke anymore… How old will you be? Will you be able to flee a tidal wave or earthquake? Healthy enough to run for your life from whatever? Well enough to last for days without food, electric or water?

I watch this new chick talk to the big heads and it is amusing. She is tiny, and at first I did not care for her at all. Yet… As I watch the anger, frustration and determination sketched all across her face… The literal, fight for her and her peers lives, the fight for their future. Not ours.

Fuck us.

We will be long dead by the time these kids are facing a struggle to survive like we will never know.

Remember that.

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