Side Effects to Not Disliking People

It is a recognition. A discomfort. An acknowledgement between those whose unknown recognition leads to a plethora of human opinions and ideas, both good and bad.

Something strange… Something not so human.


Is it good or bad? Calculated thoughts.

And then the slow silent words… “I mean you no harm… Do not be afraid.”

An apology, for those made uncomfortable, but these things come with no explanations, no clues… Nothing but clues…

Trust that those clues do signify something that needs better examination and examine. Unlike those who dazzle easily and are beguiled by the slightest thing. Smiles and big, bright eyes. Sweetness that calls for no further glances.

There stands something entirely different within others. Animals, circling, watching each other within a ring.

It is so good to encounter these people. Especially if it seems you never will or do too often. Don’t go forth with fear, but strength and love. Seek the good and weigh the bad.

Mirriam-Webster dictionary defines the word special as follows:

1distinguished by some unusual quality; especially being in some way superior 

  • our special blend

2held in particular esteem 

  • special friend

3a readily distinguishable from others of the same category unique 

  • they set it apart as a special day of thanksgiving    of, relating to, or constituting a species specific
4being other than the usual additional, extra
5designed for a particular purpose or occasion
Remember these words. That word “special” and its definition. Someday it may mean way more to us all than it does now. Maybe even surpassing “extraordinary” in terms of humans and human languages.
Watch for those you may meet in the streets, in public places, strangers, friends. Loved ones. Who seems “in some way superior” or “readily distinguishable from others of the same category unique”?
Throughout time those who have been named special, have in many cases also been named other things. Being looked on with suspicion and uncomfortable eyes. People have faced many troubles from their fellow man simply for being “special”… Unique.
This is a world with two sides. Two houses. One wall or veil some might say, between the two. Help is sent often but not received so much.
One may not like or care for people, but it is all there is. Unfortunately animals, sweet as they are, cannot perform heart surgery or farm… you get the picture right?
And to encounter very special people, one must go mingle with the crowd. See. Search. Balance. One cannot say they know the human race unless they have had countless encounters with the explicitly human aspects of it. The love, the hate… People. All kinds of them. To know people, humans, one must first find something to love or like about each one because that is what opens the door to reveal all the other emotions; Feelings and ideas that make a person a human… Or not. Truly loving or liking an individual is usually the hardest feat to accomplish. Understanding has to be involved. It is very easy and fast to hate or dislike.
Without a true knowledge of the human race, one should find it extremely difficult to determine some other race from within it. From within themselves. So, as with all things, there is a first step.



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