Evil is Among Us Now

I was going to post something else. Some writings of some shit that’s been rolling around in my head for a few days… Then I saw this. This article from the Daily Mail about Syria being made president of the UN’s chemical weapons forum in May. 

Yes folks, you read that correctly.

The one country in the entire world, that refuses to stop using chemical weapons. Is about to be the head of the Conference for the Disarmament of Chemical Weapons for four weeks.

These are the times we are in. These are the things we will see and continue to see. The flip flop of justice. The shoe is on the other foot.

People are protesting. Maybe the UN will not do such a stupid thing. There certainly is enough time to change the rules or minds.

It’s terrifying that it is even being considered….

One must be able to know wrong from right. Not the skewed, arguable moments we are trapped in today, but basic wrong from right. Not the arguable wrong from right, but the absolute knowledge that an action is wrong. Because if we lose these things. These rules, these perceptions. We will reap the benefits of the above situation.

Wrong being in charge.

Be strong in the words your grandparents or respected elders may have told you. Know your mind, keep your heart.

Recognize these flips of justice as what they are. Prepare for the future that these small glimpses tell of.

Our eyes will bear strong standing witness to the soul.

And do not damn others, but remain neutral. Watch and be silent.

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