The Lucky Faithful

Today I was once again reassured of the presence of God and I thank Him for it.

How to begin…

I’m driving up 95 North. The road splits off at downtown Jax and I take this way along with about 4 other vehicles. We are all doing about 60 miles an hour.

Almost in slow motion I see the red car in front of me do this weird thing, I don’t even know what it was but the car moved really strange all of a sudden. Then it veered towards the West wall, over corrected, did a damn 360 and headed East across the lanes. This was all in front of me. At 60 some miles an hour.

I could smell the burning rubber from the tires.

What happened next was amazing. One of the vehicles in the group quickly went at an angle to avoid the spinning car. As it spun by him the truck in the next lane sped up to clear a path. I slowed down and was just able to make it past the bumper by heading to the left. No one was hit. Not one thing was damaged. Just some skid marks and burning tire smoke…

I watched in my rear view mirror as the red car came to a stop, headlights against the eastern wall of the highway. I kept my eye on him as he backed up, straightened out and joined us all once again heading North up the road. Although he did hang back quite some distance until he exited at downtown.

Now. I don’t know if anyone reads the polls, but where I live just made number 2 for the worst drivers in the nation. There are like 3 accidents plus a morning Monday through Friday on the various freeways around the city. It’s nuts.

What I saw was truly an act of God. He is still looking out, still there.

For even that small amount of vehicles in this city to be able to maneuver around a potential bumper car situation like that… Some may call it luck. But I say that luck is but another word for the above… Act of God.

Thank You Lord for Today.


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