Lesson Plans of a Different Sort

How to show one that Magick is real?

How to remind the human race that Magick is the other side of the equation?

Magick that is light, energy… Faith and willpower. The Op. The Third Eye. The Sun, Moon and Stars… All things that cannot be touched, cannot really be seen by the naked eye. Science.

Science from the physical realm. A form of Magick in it’s own right. The Science which proves things, shows us wonders from within our own world and others. The Science that shows us how God did it. Science which is needed to calm our why addled brains. The ground we walk on. The How it was Done.

Magick is more the manipulation of the energies in an entire environment that envelopes us.

Why does any of this matter? This conversation about a dying art? An art apparently not easily performed by just anyone. An art that is almost extinct in it’s enviable position. Sometimes humans hate what they cannot understand… But.

In a world full of increasingly untrustworthy situations, wouldn’t a little magick be nice? A cloak of invisibility? A magick wish granted?

Lessons to bend your mind, to expand your field. Do you know that humans only use approximately 20% of their brains? That has always amazed me. There is 60% of something in my skull that no one has any idea what it does. Talk about an uncharted universe… These things my friend, are where science and magick meet.

Visualization. Concentration. Focus and a smattering of reliance on random acts of Spirits, Fate and God.

One day, a long time ago… the 90’s.. I was down at Virginia Beach and was just laying there on the sand, in the sun. The sky was so clear, when I looked up it was just straight up into the blue. No clouds, nothing in between… Just crystal clear turquoise blue.

It was so clear and so blue that it was hypnotic and my eyes lost focus a little. I saw lights. A whole lot of them, moving quickly. I focused and it was the same. A lot of little balls of white lights moving quickly around in the air, in the space between me and the blue sky.

I can still see them if the conditions are right and I try. To this day they remind me of the electrons in an atom. They zip around and bounce off each other. Change direction, move slowly…

I don’t know what it is, or if others have seen this happen. I don’t think anything is wrong with my vision. I do believe though, that I have been allowed to see some kind of energy or something that would further my belief in the more esoteric realm later on in life. Both in the above example and others.

How to remind the world that Magick was once real? That humans had the ability to manipulate the environments and elements around them? All the old books and fairy tales say one just has to believe and Magick will be real. I don’t believe this to be true. Many people who never believed in Magick have run across it.

These things must be learned, sought out and combined with the Earthly knowledge that also keeps humans alive.

We should move into the future well equipped with what we need, to deal with what will be there…


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