Training Games

I see there is a new video game out now that involves domestic child violence. I’m sure you’ve heard about it. Very controversial “game” about becoming a human…

Apparently in this “game” one is put into situations where you must make decisions on how you will interfere, or not, in a child’s fucked up relationship with her fucked up abusive father. There are a number of scenarios, in one of them he actually kills his daughter.

How is this a game? That very word mixed into the same sentence with the context of this thing is a farce. The graphics are excellent, making this thing resemble a movie and the violence is real to the point of discomfort.

It’s uncomfortable and that may be the point but games my friends are for fun. If your playing this thing for fun you may want to question how you’re spending your time. The muted, dirty colors and blurred lines of this looks like anything but fun.

Children play games.

This is a painting better left to a canvas in a gallery I’m afraid.

The discomfort factor in this platform is what concerns me the most though. You play games to reach a goal. This means you will continue to play the game until the end. In the meantime you are sitting there becoming increasingly more comfortable with the violent scenes and actions that in the beginning made you extremely uncomfortable.

In this moment in time where one member of a family is taking out the entire gang on a regular; I hardly think this is the time to launch something like this but hey, such is our brave new world huh?

Drip, drip, drip as the steady perpetuation of violence is implanted into our vulnerable brains.

If you are no longer uncomfortable with the thoughts of murder, beating women and children, rape and violence; You might be more susceptible to accept or even do those things. This is not good.

I don’t know who is doing it. I do not know who the great “They’s” of the world are. But I think more people should become aware of what it is exactly that would attract them to those violent things and stay away from it.

Beware the subtle training being implemented right now. Keep your own minds. Learn to turn them on and off.

May you and your loved ones be safe out there.


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