The Ghost of Having No Apocalypse this Year

People. Life Sucks. Anyone told you that lately? Yup. It’s survival and assholes. No money and hunger. Anyone who ever thought that being born was a free ticket to anything else is an idiot.

Do you think this will ever change?

I will tell you.


Since we groveled around on hairy hands and knees scratching our evolution out of the hard ground. Since we ate bugs and raw, hot, stinking, sun spoiled, four day old dead carcass…

Even now. As we experience a time in the human experience where we have almost everything we need. Especially the basics and Especially in America. Water, (at least for now anyways..) Food, Shelter, Electric…

So there are complaints about the type of shelter, type and quality of the food. Complaints that the weather will not comply. On and on. Trump is president. The world is going to end. We are all gonna die. There are plagues and germs. 500,000 million reasons to not be happy about anything ever again.

On top of it all there was no Zombie Apocalypse this year. No wipe out natural disaster. No meteors struck the planet. We all still have to continue on… I’m sorry but that is no way to carry on. Waiting for the end of the world and all. You’re inevitably setting yourselves up for disappointment.

Also, we have forgotten to be grateful. We have begun to ask what should “I” be grateful for? Bills? Cheating ex? Sickness? Bad Kids? The focus has shifted onto not what one has, but what one cannot get or doesn’t have.

We as a whole, as an entire human race have a lot to be grateful for. There is a lot to be happy about. Misery is a contagious, nasty virus and it is spreading. People look miserable out there in the world. I commented the Christmas music was putting me to sleep and this poor lady starts telling me how she can’t get in the spirit and all. It was a sad thing. I felt bad for her and I understood.

She felt that way because had to deal with people in the post office and it’s no picnic. I’ve been in there…

For some reason, and I don’t know why, some people seem to want to specifically be problematic. Is it a cry for attention? Some inner need to feel special on some level? I have no idea but if I have any readers who can’t wait their turn in lines, feel the cashier is there to do battle with you, think that your problem (unless your bleeding or vomiting) is worse than everyone else’s, etc. If you are “that guy” or “that girl”…

I still love ya. But I would like you to think about the misery of others. Maybe their lives could be made that much better if you were not a dick at that moment. Maybe you can prevent someone from coming back into work and shooting up the place… Just by being the one person that day who was not a dick…

I think on a large scale.

I like the post office lady, she is cool, I don’t want her to quit or go postal.

There are no universal special privileges in this world. What that means is that even if you are a Taiwanese billionaire. That does not mean that every single person you come in contact with is going to know that or care. That is the most important part. Not everyone cares who you are or may be. A lot of people out there could give a rat’s ass if they just met so and so.

So when you jump ahead of others. Speak over people. Fight, push or shove.

You are rude and look like you have no home training.

Not privileged.

If more people are nice, the air is a little warmer. Smiles are more genuine and life sucks just a little less.

My grandmother used to tell me that a person could feel any way they wanted to. It takes a hell of a lot of control to do this, but I have found that a person can.

Be nice, calm, kind and gentle and those things will in turn lead to some peace and happiness. Small as it may be.

Be kind out there people. It’s Christmas!


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