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Look man, I’m not really an activist.. Though I might be someday if they keep on. BUT. I have boycotted Exxon since I was 15 years old. They make me ill.

1989. I was 12. I remember seeing the birds on the news  covered in black oil and the workers dipping them in plastic tubs to soak, wash and rinse them. I remember the news showing the mass amounts of fish covered in black oil washed up on the shore dead. I remember the reporting of how the captain of the oil tanker was drunk, the ship wasn’t up to code, the radar didn’t work. Those who owned that ship didn’t want to pay. They didn’t want to clean up their own damn mess. When they finally were forced to clean up that mess by federal courts, they retaliated by spraying unknown chemicals all along the Prince William Sound which later was found to have caused the cleanup crews and locals all sorts of health problems such as nervous system, lung and kidney diseases. Then they sued Alaska.

On top of it all, this situation my friends is not over. In 2014 the oil is still in the Prince William Sound. 25 years later a few species that were wiped from the area have returned but not many. I encourage you to check out the Wikipedia page. Just take a quick glance at the environmental horror show that has been wrought upon Alaska by Exxon. Did I mention the part where they actually turned around and tried to sue Alaska for their own bullshit.

And do you think that they have changed their evil ways? Have their CEO’s brains finally evolved to catch up to the rest of us? Hell. Fucking. No. Because that isn’t all. They lobby the government against climate change. Complain, cry, try to get around the regulations on fossil fuels and are way more into foreign ventures than providing anything more to their home country than pollution and bribe.. sorry.. lobby money to the US government.

Not only all that, but since the CEO [ Who while he was CEO, blatantly ignored US sanctions against the Russians because they are all corporate asshole buddies] is now our Secretary of State. No he wasn’t the big guy in 1989 but he was there, and he would inherit the problems of his lovely egg when he took over as CEO in 2006 from the creature who was responsible in 1989. Problems ignored in lew of foreign relations with countries that we really have no business with except to culturally expand each others minds by means of friendship, arts, education and peace… Unless one is a major, greed infested, oil tycoon intent on sucking every last bit of living resource from the planet since Rockefeller birthed this beast in 1870.

Now motherfucking Exxon… is making a stink over being in trouble for not paying attention to the sanctions and they (with our Secretary of State) are suing our Treasury Department for their reputation and the imposed fine for being found guilty. A reputation which has been made as black as the oil which is still, yes. Still. clinging to the shores of the Prince William Sound. A reputation that is as black as the deep pit from which these things crawled out of. Why not just go on and try to sue the Supreme Court for the judgement while you’re at it assholes?

I can’t believe these people even give a fuck about their reputations. I thought it was like the mob, you had to commit a crime or scandal to get in.


Screw You Exxon and Tillerson. Happy to have boycotted you assholes PROUDLY since Driver’s Ed Class 1994.


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Rockefeller Demon Illuminati – Just wanted to throw that in lol! No really. It’s an article, for real.


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