Gen X Post – Subject: SouthPaw

I was at the pool the other day and there were some cute little millennials there frolicking about. The two of them were play boxing or having boxing lessons? I don’t know, some mating ritual of young humans now… anyway. Possibly the guy was older than the girl because he called her a Southpaw, explaining to her the advantage of this in boxing.

She looked at him slightly confused like she was wondering if she should be offended at something.

She said “What’s a Southpaw?” in a cautious tone. This was definitely a deal breaker if the answer was what she thought it might be.

He smiles and explains it is because she is left-handed. Her face relaxes, she smiles… suddenly she thinks of kittens and paws and all kinds of soft, special, cuddly left-handed things…

He is correct. Being a Left-Handed person myself, I know all the nicknames: Southpaw, Lefty… shit I can’t think of right now…

But don’t take offense. There were times when lefty’s could get burned at the stake for being the devil’s kids… We were right up there with the red-heads. Now there’s a real witch burner… Red-Headed, Lefty with a Mole on the Face… She’s a goner for sure. Things are much better now.

Now a days we are special. An anomaly everybody loves. They even make notebooks for us, you can find them online here at Lefty’s The Left-Handed Store.


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