Apocalypse Wishes

It seems to me that many people would like to see the apocalypse occur. Craving for the world to end as we know it.

All the zombie apocalypse shit… Climate change, natural disasters, terrorism, famine, killer addictions.

We are drooling on the sidelines as Man faces Man and Earth faces Man in the smack down of the century. Like it’s some gnarly car accident on the side of the highway. Holding our breath. Waiting to see blood, carnage…

We are propelling the human race into oblivion. Why do we want this so badly?

Think about it… If all hell breaks loose it’s a release. A great explosion of pressure that’s been building and building…

We see destruction and want to be in it. This is a new need subconsciously plaguing the human race and there is good reason. We are bored. We are all suffering from Attention Deficit Disorder.

One cannot be content with meaningless existences and meaning can come in many forms large and small. It seems that the only way to elevate a human to hero status these days is to put him in the middle of disaster. Alone, with no technology to help. Just you and your old brain.

This game we are in is a meaningless existence. This power, acquisition, and greedy game we are playing is a meaningless existence. One gets no satisfaction from it only more hunger.

Satisfaction comes from breaching the boundaries of the human flesh. When you have built the house by hand, planted a field of food for many people, ran for days on end, survived a disaster, etc. That is true satisfaction that lasts. Sticks with you for awhile.

Accomplishment against all odds and some people will say “Oh, it was a great accomplishment to pay all my bills this month!” and it was. It is.

That feeling. That knowledge that you accepted the challenge and succeeded. That’s what we imagine we will get from surviving an apocalyptical event. On a huge scale.

Society should not take those small human accomplishments away from us. We should not have to compete with our own creations to save ourselves. That whole concept is ridiculous but it is what we are living. Frankenstein kills Dr. Frankenstein, and though the calculator is very handy, a person still experiences great satisfaction from being able to do math in their heads without one.

These days it’s so important to occupy one’s mind and not with the bullshit that you mindlessly stare at all day and never really absorb (thank God!). But with thoughts and actions. Things that make you think. Please remember your brain behaves as a muscle that needs exercise. Exercise that it gets from working the entire body, not just the eyes and mouth.

These are the things that keep us from being walking zombies. Go build a fort, run a marathon, create a masterpiece, sew a quilt… something, anything, that causes you to stress your brain and make it work. Anything that you can create, look at later and be proud of. You did it and only you.

It’s a much better accomplishment than destroying the world just to build it up again because we’re bored. 

Forget about the apocalypse. Don’t wish it all away. This game is a dangerous one and we cannot win. This is the challenge right now: To live. To not check out. Silence those who wish for disaster because these disasters they wish for are not what they think they will be… They never ever are.

I understand we are tired. We all suffer from “worthless information overload” now a days. This rat race is no good for even the ones who created it. The collective wish to burn it all down and start over has become the mantra of our time.

Apparently things cannot be fixed anymore so let’s just put it down and find a new one.

That ain’t happening good people of Earth. If we burn it down, it’s gone for good and so are we.

We are a tired world… It takes too much to fix it.

Therein lies the new challenge.

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