Soundtracks to Our Lives – An Interactive Post

I would like to share an experience with you all… To do this, I have turned the news page I check daily into one long jpeg so you can hit play on the song and slowly scroll down the page while that music plays. It’s an interesting impression. All the images, words, and videos going by as this haunted song plays in the background. I began to notice that I was only catching snippets of the headlines, advertisements and paragraphs… the words and parts that stood out the most to me. They began to weave and tell their own story, paint their own pictures and sell their own products. Things different to the actual things I was looking at…

So. Click on the song to play it here:

This one is good too for a totally different vibe:

And Slowly, I started out by reading stuff, slowly scrolling down the page with the music playing in the background.




Just thinking about it, as the Spotify plays on to the next song, there is a soundtrack to our lives.  Whatever music it may be that moves, motivates or paralyzes you.

Keeps you grounded in the memories of melodies and songs from family, childhood, episodes of our television lives with this soundtrack of personal music playing in the background.

Silence in the pauses of the songs as they go through the radio… your personal station.


Then that song you’re never prepared for… One song, pulling forth soul sucking emotions left alone for years after their birth.

Some songs which ground you and keep you sane – and those others that make you sick in the pit of your guts with regrets, memories… floating thoughts.

Those “what ifs” of our very human existence.

But then… we carry on… the next song lifts us out, there is hope in the next song…

and we realize, things are not all bad… In fact, things are better than you think. Carry on and so forth. Keep that head up and walk tall.

Create your own soundtrack for your world.

Fuck it.

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