Moments of Crazy – NEW!!

Whilst doing one of my favorite things, scanning The Daily Mail of course, it dawned on me that I would like a running record of all the nutty shit I keep seeing people do. Not the murders and morbid stuff, got the home property reports for that, but the goofy, crazy and just surreal stuff people keep doing out in public… out in the street…

These folks seem to have just forgotten that they are no longer behind the safety of their webcams…

So, for my records… i.e. this blog.. I am beginning a new series: Moments of Crazy! – said in a big booming announcer’s voice of course… and here is the inspiration for it all: the very first one of what I will be sure to be many… Moments of Crazy! #1.

In this particular moment, a wild bearded man decided that the guard at the Met was not doing a good enough job? Maybe he was high? An artist, high on his own turpentine fumes as he painted away, closed up in his apartment – cloistered against the cold New York day… Whatever his reasons may be, he definitely had a serious moment of crazy.

Bearded man smashed Metropolitan Museum guard over the head with a bottle because a painting was crooked and escaped despite leaving a bloody trail

  • Incident took place at 6pm Friday and left a 46-year-old guard with lacerations to the head and hand 
  • Police say unnamed suspect, sporting a long beard and all-black clothing, yelled at the guard ‘Do your job!’ after clobbering him
  • Perpetrator is described as white male in his early to 20s, approximately 5-foot-8 and weighing 150lbs

Police in New York City are on the hunt for a man who they say assaulted a security guard with a glass bottle at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in Manhattan.

The bearded perpetrator, dressed in all black, approached a security guard at the world-renowned museum on the Upper East Side at 6.15pm on Friday to inform him that an artwork hanging in one of the galleries was crooked.

According to police, the 46-year-old museum staffer told the eagle-eyed art connoisseur not to touch the painting and to bring his complaint to the information desk.

Officials say in response, the man smashed a glass bottle on the back of the guard’s head as he turned away and yelled, ‘Do your job!’

The suspect then fled, leaving a bloody trail throughout the museum from what was believed to have been a serious cut.

Authorities were unable to track down the thug after following the trail out of the building.

Do YOU know him? Police are searching for this man who is suspected of smashing a glass bottle over the head of a security guard at the Metropolitan Museum of Art on Friday

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