Of All the Aliens in the Sky

I’ve been thinking too much about aliens lately. It’s not a topic I’m fond of at all. I don’t like to think about them, I don’t care for the movie War of the Worlds… Visions of them actually make me uncomfortable. Aliens, for some reason in my mind, fit in with the strange deserted city dreams I’ve had all my life.

Ghosts… The paranormal… That’s my thing. Things you can’t see.

I recently read about a place where it seems all of the fears of humankind come out. Aliens, werewolves, ghosts… and we all know these are not the same things… All on the same property.
Skinwalker Ranch (check out http://www.skinwalkerranch.org/timeline.html) has turned into a new realm for me. No pun intended.

Back to the aliens.. sorry, I don’t ever get a good bead on them so I’ll probably jump around a bit… anyway, War of the Worlds. Orson Wells. I always think of it when I think of aliens. I don’t know or care why until now.

If you look at Skinwalker Ranch in Utah on the Google map satellite you can see the entire area forms a large circle on the earth surrounded by the mountain range.

The activity at the Skinwalker Ranch is nuts. People have seen portals open and things crawl out there. Rumblings and mechanical noises under the earth, lights in the sky, ghosts, skinwalkers, werewolves, voices from the past, voices on the air in other languages, strange birds from other countries… Everything all in one, a big chaotic mess of how to fuck with humans. Interestingly enough all of this same phenomenon is going on around CERN as well.

My ghosts… My ghosts cannot possibly be simply created from some alien hallucinogens… Because that is where my mind went.

All of these things cannot be present in the same place. Ghosts, aliens, werewolves… ? I don’t believe in coincidences and what is not a coincidence is that the area didn’t acquire the ghosts, witches and werewolves until later in the 19th century after the US put Fort Duchesne in the area.

The first documented occurrence at Skinwalker Ranch was by the Spanish in the late 1700’s when they wrote about seeing moving lights in the sky at night. It is important to note here that the first sign of supernatural activity began with physical evidence of aliens.

Aliens? Or the sacred beings that the local natives had revered since the dawn of time? You choose.

Next thing you know after the fort is built a native curse appears and ghosts, shapeshifters and poltergeists start popping out of the woodwork.

The second notable event occurred in the early 1900’s (1906) and it involved the first homesteaders on the site who reported hearing rumbling and mechanical sounds in the earth under their farm at the ranch. They too experienced ghosts, poltergeists and lights in the sky.

The ranch actually sat vacant for quite some time. Seems whatever didn’t want people there was succeeding… but the human disappearances, animal mutilations and other alien related things never ceased happening throughout the entire area.

The biggest story of all has come out about the place (the story that caught my attention) and it is actually pretty recent. The 90’s continuing on until today.

A nice, non-local family that moved in was so plagued by the non-stop events on their newly acquired super cheap property that they called in the ghostbusters, the government, and finally…. Got their own call from private industry. Aerospace private industry. Who has now put a plug in the hole that all of the scary things were crawling out of. So they say.

Nothing left to see here folks.

But no one has dug into the ground. No one has led any great excavations of the site to determine what may lie underneath it. Why does the earth rumble and make unnatural sounds there?

Are there natural resource deposits there that may produce hallucinations in certain people? Anything?

We may never know, or we may know way to soon but beyond all this… I wonder, really, is there a fucking alien ship buried deep in the ground under this ranch?

War of the Worlds…

Are they creating hallucinations somehow of our fears to try and scare us off? Is it some sort of experiment? What happens if no one ever goes out there again?

There’s talk of portals being opened here. Literally, government people have documented seeing a door open in the sky and a creature crawl out. So maybe, these ghosts we see and feel are more than simple hallucinations… possibly they are visitors who have used some portal. Slipped through to see us and say hi.

I do prefer that… It’s a much nicer alternative to aliens drugging us and doing rectal exams while we trip balls…

Looking at this place made me look for more like it and there are a few that match the description across the globe… They do seem to have all three factors: ghosts, alien shit, shapeshifters… Most of them near ancient monoliths, most of them with ancient “keepers” such as natives, tribes, priests, etc. To me this means most of them have been here as long as we have. They must be the old gods. The Shiva, the Ashera, the Ra… We have all seen their faces. Their bodies and their many arms… At some point priests and temples gave way to governments and science, so here we are.

I sit on the dryer and smoke and think of ghosts… It’s a cold, sunny morning and a bird is sitting somewhere singing “purdy, purdy, purdy”… A breeze sneaks in through the open door and caresses my cheek and I realize she is there… With me. A very dear visitor who loved the sound of that bird… and I know.

I know that of all the aliens in this great universe the main one for us as humans is the one who is gentle as that cool morning breeze in the sunlight.

The one who comes to us as a little bird who is chirping purdy, purdy, purdy while that cool breeze caresses your cheek like a soft hand… Visitors.. Good ones. Portals or no, this is no hallucination.

Of all the alien gasses and hallucenogens that humans can be affected by, there are still some of us who are immune. Those of us forever protected by our God and His entities. Those Buddhas, grandmothers, and sages that we all aspire to be…

The One who scared away all the others. The One who is God… Good, True and Safe. The One who shields my ghosts.

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