I looked at the internet as long as I could bear this evening. My time browsing the news on the great web is getting shorter and shorter I’m afraid. It’s almost unbearable, the shit show that is presented.

My brain is now delving into what it would like to see… feel.. create.. What would be interesting? I will scour this web not for pictures of stupid shit, idiots on parade, or news of impending doom betwixt assholes I care nothing about.

What I will use it for is history. Stories. Life as it was before someone hit the fast forward button. Those times when humans still used a good portion of their brains. Sad as it is that we only use 10% any ways… That was then, now we probably use about 7% if not less. Seems that it should be the opposite no? Those numbers should be going up.

But those great and yellowed black and white pages are far more interesting than anything the media beast of today has to offer. Unless WWIII has officially begun… In those old photos available at the touch of a button, people, humans, can come to life in a world (s) we have never known.

I wonder if we will again someday? Will we digress so far? Go back in time? Back to days where electric was a novelty, a thing for the rich or bread that actually sells out of a market every day? Can you imagine? What if we all needed cash, everywhere!?? Remember there are countries not so far from those scenarios now; and again I point out that in my opinion it seems we are moving backwards.

So why not look backwards? See what the past really holds? Society seems obsessed with the bad and dark portions for sure. As I mentioned above a digression in modern conveniences and societal practices would surely be a mess and definitely not what I want to happen, but what about the mannerisms of people? The dress, the stories, the antiquities, the cultures? The education. Those things must surely always be worth something to someone.

We don’t learn from the past. Sorry, but it is pretty obvious that humans do not learn from the past and only sometimes their mistakes. History will repeat itself as long as generations live and die.

What we gain from the past is an idea. A thought. Seeing that someone did exist there and wore those things. Seeing people were actually there, carving monuments out of stone. Doing the impossible. It’s inspiration. Dreams. Imaginings.

Imagine how difficult it was, what kind of human ingenuity that it took to create, invent or pull off the shit they did back in the day. Things that are far too easy for us now.

History shows us that we may not have been the first, or the greatest or best. Sometimes it shows us that we just are who we are. Sometimes it shows us that we actually are the first, greatest or best and the wonderment that that can still occur.

It’s important to turn away from this wasp nest of bullshit that everything on any media outlet is pushing our way. It’s important to know the world behind the world, the reasons, the lessons learned. The lessons forgotten.

While my mind wanders into the frames of old black and whites; carnivals, laughing ladies with odd domed hats and swinging purses, dapper men on tall horses. Dark and shadowy people in dark and shadowy rooms. Dark ladies with dark eyes, wide and scared, playing a part, another one of those strange dome hats.. I picture them. Their day. What they had for breakfast. I try to imagine their circle, where they went, how they talked, where or how they died. What was happening in that moment? That moment when that photo was snapped? What were they doing? How did they feel?

So many questions about so many unknown and long dead people. And sometimes animals. Like the monkeys on the organ grinder thing. They always look like they will bite someone. They probably did a lot… Justifiable I’m sure. That job looks like it sucks for him and it is a part of the past that is much better off gone.

If you could pick any year before color T.V. what would it be? What part of it would you choose? Who would you be? What character would you play? What would your black and white photo look like all yellowed with age and faded with time?

Would you be a Clara White? Theodore Roosevelt? Some crazy opium sucking writer? A cashier at the A & P? What would going back in time do to you? What would you learn?

What can you bring back?

Think about it. Good night and God bless my friends.

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