The Morality of Man

Definition of moral

1a :of or relating to principles of right and wrong in behavior :ethical 

  • moral judgments

b :expressing or teaching a conception of right behavior 

  • moralpoem

c :conforming to a standard of right behavior 

  • took a moralposition on the issue though it cost him the nomination

d :sanctioned by or operative on one’s conscience or ethical judgment 

  • moral obligation

e :capable of right and wrong action 

  • moral agent

I just want that definition to sink in for a second. Morals. Morality. Those unseen, unspoken vibelike ribbons that keep mankind from falling apart.

Skimming through the news I see these horrible things people are doing to each other. The moral compass is broken. Wildly spinning all different directions. People can seem to find some personal reason to do anything they feel like any more.

Kill, maim, torture, abuse… Steal, fuck, eat, and do whatever the hell they want. It’s insane and it’s creating an extremely dangerous world for the rest of us who really don’t feel like having to karate chop some lunatic on the street someday in self defense. That’s self defense, or defense of some other person in need.

I have some morals and I will keep them as best I can. I will not fall darkly down a deep pit bound for some terrifying Sodom and Gomorrah type of place. I will stand and stand for those things I do feel are important to keep oneself from returning to the wild, untamed prehistoric animals we may have once been. I say may have because I do not have the exact science.

Some humans, the kind of humans one would never expect to do so, are quite literally acting like wild, untamed beasts all over the place so… My observations may not be exact science, but it is what it is.

I think, maybe these people have forgotten. Maybe they never knew. Simple gestures of kindness on a regular. The ability to brush off small grievances or slights. The ability to walk the planet with people you may not like or want to be around but you have to. Yes, you have to walk the planet with people.

You may not always like them.

It’s best for all humanity to just get on with it. Learn to live. Brush it off. People are so angry. When did things speed up so fast that a person no longer takes any time to think about what another person may be packing?

You may not always be the biggest or baddest person in a room.

Morals are those little things that people do voluntarily amongst themselves to keep society running on a semi even keel. It’s the little things like not killing someone. Not stabbing your neighbor. Not killing a dog. NOT KILLING! Good Lord people stop all the killing. Humans are out there killing everything they can.

I read a story today about some dumbass who randomly jumped into a cactus. On purpose. Of course it was for some ridiculous video. I give not one shit for the dumbass, but the cactus. The cactus which is growing there, it was quite large, minding it’s own business. Never thinking in a million years that half of it would ever be crushed to death by some dumb human jumping into it.

What makes a person jump into a cactus? No animal on Earth is that stupid, does this young man realize this?

What will you do for likes? Clicks? How far does your vanity go?

Morality. Those moments that keep us from doing the worst possible things. I’m not going to get into a large discussion about who thinks what is right or who says what is right or wrong. We know. We all know. We all know that some things are just wrong. Some things are very, very, wrong. We all know this. I’m talking about things like killing, raping, violence, cheating, stealing, etc. Everyone knows that shit is wrong and then again I wonder, do they?

Don’t do the worst possible thing. Do the other thing.

Next time you want to tell someone off. Don’t. Just don’t. Go tell a rock all about it. Tell it to the sky, the air. Just leave it alone. Is it life or death? No drama, life or death? Then leave it alone. There’s too much pressure anymore. We could all give one another a break.

And I do believe I would prefer a little more smiling and waving of late…

Peace people.


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