Freak Accident Fridays – Warning! May Contain Graphic Content

Here we are again… 10:30 AM Eastern Time… Friday morning. Last Friday I felt I posted just one second too early. As soon as I closed the page, I was relaxing with the Daily Mail and came across the mother of all freak accidents. It was okay though, rather than amend the page, I chose to make the story El Numero Uno for today…

If you ever are driving through a bad thunderstorm it is always good to follow a few short and simple rules. One is to make sure that you are paying attention. Two is usually to drive slowly and use caution. Three would be most definitely to not video or text in the midst of the storm.

Rules are good but of course they are only guidance. Human made and have nothing to do with the forces of nature. Forces of nature which will time and time again show us who is really boss and leave us suspended in the air, in our cars, in the middle of a busy road for no good reasons we may ever know.

Speaking of forces of nature. Two weeks ago I brought you a story of a yoga instructor on the losing end of a beef with a Palm tree. Well the trees were at it again last week and I tell you people… These are revenge acts against humanity as a whole. Be wary of the trees you think are the gentle giants that you can strap your hammocks to… Your day may not be spent swaying in the cool shade of this pillar from the Earth, but laying in the freezing emergency room of the nearest hospital… Beware the Trees Humans.

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It’s not only the trees either. Here in Florida we are used to the Earth sucking us down into it at the whim of Mother Nature. Sinkholes are all too common, freakish in their discrimination, and land a place right under lightening in the blog. Especially if they occur in places where they are not common at all. Such as New York. A city covered in concrete where a bit of grass is elusive at best. Concrete that is sturdy and firm. Apparently it is as firm as the nearest sand dune here in FLA according to this article. Of course, these things don’t happen every day…

Something else that doesn’t happen every day is walking down a beach and finding a particularly large and beautiful piece of natural amber. But it could happen… probably in a forest somewhere, but someone could have dropped it. You never know. What you really could never know (unless you were there) is what a piece of phosphorous left over from WWII will look like. But what I know now, is that if you pick up a wet piece of amber on the beach, let it dry off first before you stick it in your pocket… Be safe out there my friends.

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