Dreams and Places

I’ve always had weird dreams. Not your standard weird dreams where you wake up in class with no clothes on and stuff, but the kind of dreams I can never find classification for. I cannot find any symbolism for my dreams in any of the “dream dictionaries” I have seen or own. Granted, I haven’t ever sent one off for analysis…


I had another one of my standardized strange dreams the other night and I’ve been thinking about it a little differently I guess than I usually do. I did not look for bad omens. I did not look for psychic messages of the future. Instead, my brain compared the buildings in the dreams to the areas where I haveĀ lived and had some pretty surreal dreams.

Thing is, I actually don’t remember my dreams from when I lived in certain places; but the ones I’ve had in Virginia and now Jacksonville are definitely memorable. Portents to new life experiences? New chapters? Who knows, but Daytona Beach was most certainly a chapter and I don’t remember any dreams from that time period. Could have been all the booze… there was a lot of it…

So dreams in Chesapeake, Va. – Mostly centered around a big red house, that was all deserted, unpainted, dusty and dark inside. Pretty much every dream. Of course there was some monster or demon in there I was trying to get away from, I always did. It was always daytime in the dreams. Needless to say I won’t live in a big, two-story red house now… I wonder though, was the house equivalent to Chesapeake itself in my mind? Was Chesapeake actually the big red house? I was happy when we got out of there.

In Norfolk, Va. – Dreams were always the same. Downtown Norfolk was not as it was then, or is now, but deserted. Like the apocalypse had occurred. I remember dust balls and trash blowing and all the buildings along Granby Street were burnt out shells. Beams and concrete. And I was always in them. Like on the top floor or the roof. Sometimes I was somewhere down around the 2nd or 3rd floor. As I walked around the empty building I always thought it was so cool and that the huge empty floor with no walls would make such a cool art studio/loft. I still think this. It was always night time in these dreams.

In Jacksonville, Fl. – I have been having dreams of an old fish village. Like it’s Jacksonville, but it’s full of all these weird wooden two and three story row houses. The kind that you would see in a fairy tale or children’s book. All the top stories are painted different colors but they are drab. Water runs in canals that flow between the houses, and the houses all have fishing docks hanging off the backs over the water. They are all in different states of disrepair. There are hookers and crackheads… skinny, dirty chicks with ripped up clothes and dirty black wiry hair. Like a carnival of ill repute. It is always nighttime in these dreams and I am not comfortable. I am usually sad.

Now I may be deflecting from my own psychological issues that can be subconsciously revealed within these different probably wildly symbolic dreams, but I do not know how to interpret them so I will continue to let my mind wander… about the places in these dreams and the possible false fronts and facades that possibly fall away when one closes their eyes.

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