Gen X Post – Subject: Poetry Readings

poetry reading

  1. :  an event in which people read poems that they have written aloud for a group

These used to occur in coffee houses, street corners, shopping malls, Wal Mart and on occasion people’s front porches. Now a days poetry readings are not as popular as before because of the internet and it’s entertainment value… back in the day you would walk by someplace, hear something cool coming out of it and investigate.. you know, we were bored. We walked around a lot… Some of the best artists in these places did what we called “Spoken Word”.. the modern street Rap style has been acquired from this technique. Tupac in fact, was a master of it. Henry Rollins being another.

It would be nice to see some of the old advertisements like small, discreet postcards in your favorite head shop or music store; pop up again in this new day. You young folks should start organizing your own poetry readings and spoken word sessions. A little human interaction with the right people never hurt anyone.. Go ahead, do it old skool! Step away from the box for a minute, the one in your hand, the one in your home… Thanks. 🙂

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