Indian Affairs – United States of America – North Dakota Right Now

Okay.. so in reading this I have come to the conclusion that Native Americans are treated basically as a conquered nation within the United States of America by the feds. At least, that is how this lays it out to be…
One incredible section involves the “trustee” type ownership of all Native things.
Here is where I have to ask.. since when has the American Government ever made any real reparations for any of it’s crimes against humanity? I love my country, just as a Native would.. it is a beautiful land… but I do not support the kind of bullshit where a government would play the world’s police, while severely distorting and hiding their own crimes.. then penalizing the actual victims for those crimes.
Every American with an interest in humanity and any type of advance in civilization should read this crap… this is how our government works and imagine what would happen should our government as it is now were to become “trustee’s” of all of our shit??
People.. (and I have shared this across the board to reach as many as I can) but People… you, me, all of us here at ground level… need to be there for each other against this tyranny. Be the wall that is threatened but do it with your selves… Stand in the way (by sheer number) of the kind of people that yes, have built our country and world to the level that we know it, but are now a danger to the general populace in their fear of losing it all to a kinder, cleaner world..
If it ever comes down to it, how much would we, could we, help protect our fellow man? How many celebrities are out in North Dakota right now? Oh yeah, there’s a meaningless bunch of time wasting mess going on up the road in some other desert.. more important.. better selfies to be had…
How many of us will stand for the innocent if it comes down to it?
This rant is about all I can do for North Dakota right now.. I signed the petition, but I can’t drive out there, I have no money to give them. It’s a shame, I wish I could do more as it seems time is of the essence for this reservation and it is up to the world to beg and convince, threaten and cajole the “trustee’s” of this captive tribes holding cell, not to poison them and destroy their great-great-great grandfather’s bones…

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