Whales & Ocean Watch

Good Morning… Since the ol laptop has been down I have not been able to cruise the interwebs as much as usual but that is over now! Unfortunately right off the bat was another whale death. I started documenting these last year when I noticed how frequently whales, large schools of fish and things we have never seen before were washing ashore dead due to “inexplicable” circumstances within our seas… Here is a copy of the original chart from thejacksonvillefloridahiddenhistorytour.com and the first Cafe De L’Etrange page. I will update and repost this when it needs it. Feel free to add in if you come across anything that may warrant adding to the list.

Whale Chart

As you can see, the newest one is in Delaware and here is the link to access the article:


You may wonder what is the point in watching these things? Well, the first thing I think of is that the areas where these things are occurring (pollution wise anyway) are not areas where I want my seafood coming from. The next thing I thing about is that those places are not where I would like to go swimming either. The third thing is that I start to wonder just how much time we really have left on this planet???





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