It is a restless Eve.

Angry, forceful… Aggravating… Everything.

I am on edge tonight… Agitated, aggravated…

Jump at every loud bang coming from the air outside.

I don’t like the memes.

Time is within us. It tells us when to move, what to do, how to act.

We look unto the mirrors of ourselves and into a future that is bleak.

We must change. Four Years Henceforth…

We must look towards the light of a new day and realize that we are wrong in every way.

It hurts. It is sad.

Another year is but a drop in a very full bucket.

To put those things which are inconsequential to many aside, was and is a mistake.

The heart. The heart should guide the future… beating rhythmically to the timing of the planet…

All of us.

We must learn to walk again. How to live. How to breathe. How to love. Compassion.

Teach my beloved children I’ve been a slave… And reach for the light eternally -Sade

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