Death, Heart and War

“Death makes angels of us all and gives us wings where we had shoulders smooth as Ravens claws” – Jim Morrison

One of my favorite quotes from Jim. So soothing, so true. When surrounded by so much death, rather wistful.

A long road. A hard and slow one… Someone will learn, somewhere…

Tis a foul wind that blows across the horizon. It’s colors Yellow, Red and Black… Green and Blue.

Water, Earth fleeing before us… Illness is nothing. Everything. Speed is the matter of the day. Great rising hunks of dirt swallows it all… Water.

Here we are sick and with child, but will it be born? When, how and in what way? We hope for the best. Next year.

We think we are warriors. Fighters for the cause. Preparation is the key. Preparation for what, when nothing makes sense. Preparation for anything.


To Run and Run Far.

There are double canister gas masks in the box…

Light will shine again. Later. Take heart in that Love.


Do not do what you know in your heart to be wrong. You will burn forever with the knowledge of your deeds.

Our hearts count the beats of a million lifetimes. Arrogance prevents us from knowing the exact number.

Planets move and time goes on but the heart will live forever; and what we have done with it…


It takes heart to have a war. When the bullets are gone. It takes heart to bash someone’s brain in with what is left.

It is heart that will cause one to plunge their bare hands into someone’s neck and rip their throat out.

Never trust a dead body my friends. It may not be there quite yet.

This isn’t a movie, but many have prepared us.

Some humans don’t know these things we see and write… We will consider them innocents. It’s a good strong heart that tries for these.

We will do what we can now. Spirits and Demons have joined the ranks and forces. Sides have been chosen. Pray for your ancestors…

And they will pray for you…

Eyes Open All the Time Now.

We are learning not to sleep.

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