A Grim Eve…

I saw a great man in white fall so low. The unnamable. Those Holy ones who were so unsure at first were right to be so. Great tears streaming freely now.

He slaps her hand away violently, responding like a peasant. The light of God and hope fades from her face, replaced by confusion.

Where are we now??

Shadows and harsh hard veils of disbelief. Loud booms in the distance, sirens wail and the noise and chaos fills the head… A rushing, roaring background and you see

It is happening. He has been born. The story was bad.

The light of the brightest Heavenly star is stepping back, shading His eyes.

What will be will be.

A thousand years or more has come and gone away… Away, away…

They sing a sad song, a slow crooning noise that grows and lapses on the wind…

It is a harsh and hard lesson that is learned.

Poor humans. Poor, poor, miserable humans.

Low is the day as the dark black walls rise up and around us.

The things we will see…

Like never before.

If you read this and say to yourself that is some creepy shit on New Year’s Eve, you would be correct. If you feel that anyone seeing anything like this in regards to the future would be a good sign to maybe prep up a little and get a little closer to God this year…

You would also be correct.

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