Gen X Post – Subject: Don’t Change Millennials

I would rather call you Generation Y.

Millennials is good too but it lacks the main character trait you guys excel at the best.

Asking Why.

The other just might be the quiet way you tell people trying to get one over on you to go straight to hell.




I give you two pieces of music from the same band. The Clash is, was and will be forever timeless. Just trust me on this. They were music for a different generation. One who did not ask why so much as to why they should give a fuck to begin with.

Again, sorry about that guys. I’m afraid the X behind our generation speaks just as loudly as the silenced Y behind yours.

From the dodging of bullets to the obliterated and disintegrated atmosphere around you… To the burning future set out before you.

But here now, we should rejoice and smile. You kids are the ones who say fuck you too. In such a nice way I might add…

When “the man” says you should all work yourselves to death for money… You respond by sleeping in a van, not working at all and doing everything that they wish they could do.

When society tells you that you have to do this, this and this or you will be nobodies and die… You respond by doing just the opposite and coming out fine.

I love you guys. I hope you do not change. I hope you continue to stare down the systems that you oppose with that same dead stare forever.

Make them explain to you why things should be this way, make them explain it for days, and forever. At least until the answers satisfy you. At least until the answers make sense.

On a different note…





It can be an indifferent world that we live in. The world itself can make us indifferent. Uncaring. Gives us eyes that turn away too easily from human suffering.

Don’t be this way. Make sure that though you may have to shut out those hurtful words and images that blight a young mind; you leave some cracks open for the light to get in.

Human light.

Go get you a Clash compact disc. 😉


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