Where We Stand

Where we stand at the moment is on the ground. The Earth. Dirt, grass, mud. This is where we plant our feet on this planet. Wherever we are.

What if that ground no longer belonged to the Earth and all of it’s inhabitants? What if you had to pay for every resource our planet has provided us with to live? What if you had no money?

Thinking along those lines… how many of us will survive the future? And what will we be, and to whom, when the dust settles?

I would like one to picture this scenario, this timeline, this whatever it is:

Evil Dictators – Too many people in the world – Natural resources are depleting quickly – Overpopulation has decimated the environment – The water is poisonous – People can’t get along, overpopulated areas, rioting and violence amongst people – Corruption in politics and corporate entities create chaos financially – Poverty and unemployment rise and the middle class disappears – Due to instability and fear, the people find reasons to take their frustration out on one another, old beefs resurface – There are no solid leaders – The rich people start building bunkers to protect them from something they know about but the people do not – The people are busy trying to survive each other’s violence , pay skyrocketing bills for resources, find and pay for clean water – There will be water scams – bottled water caution – find food that will not poison them and give them nutrients to stay healthy – Stay healthy – Stay educated – Stay informed – etc. etc. – The people are worn down and tired – The Earth rebels — Due to natural disaster all funds are depleted. The world descends into chaos. Many die. The rich do not. – Those poor people will be few in number now, but the rich will rule the world. They will come out of their holes ‘like ants’ and rebuild the mound. – This time they call the shots – They are in charge – What becomes of the poor???

They know what they are doing to the environment. It is the catalyst to it all. We sit and wonder ‘if they know what they are doing, why don’t they stop? If they know a thing will poison the water, why would they do it?’ We wonder.. we wonder about a lot of things that are going on anymore. But reason says if the crook starts bottling up all the clean water and then poisons the well, he’s going to make a very good profit selling that bottled water later on. He’ll be long gone when those bottles run out. This kind of human lives for today – not the future.

What will become of us? How do we stop these things now?

These are articles of late:

Billionaires are prepping Doomsday bunkers


One must ask though, are these things intentional? Or just the common course of action for humans? Which is better? Controlled bad intentions with a plan that could be thwarted? Or uncontrolled chaos where no one knows what is going on? On that level I guess one would have to start delving into the more esoteric realities of this universe. Fate. God. Good and Evil.

There are more questions than answers. The bottom line is people need to stop fighting each other over bullshit. If your neighbor sleeps with your wife, beat his ass. But don’t go beat his ass over something that does not concern you or really affect you at all. Direct contact – yes. Peripheral bullshit – mind your business. We need more friends than enemies now amongst ourselves. We are the people. We are not the rich. Always remember division is the way to conquer. Look at them. They are all still good friends. Whether they show us this on the television or not. All those CEO’s are of every race and religion and they cut deals, have meetings and drinks on a regular basis. Fly across whole continents to do so. Muslims and Christians break bread every day on Wall Street. Politicians are of every color and religion. They are having dinner with each other’s families.

We are in the streets and on the news killing each other over things that obviously does not concern the rich so why should it consume us so badly? What does this look like to you? Just remember when you need a doctor; and the only one around is the Muslim, Christian or Astro Zoroist that was the neighbor you beat up for their religion; just remember something like that could happen. Easily. We need each other. Maybe not right now while we are all still taking advantage of the comfortable lives we live… but later. We will need each other and They will have each other already….

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