The Daily Mail Headlines Today, November 14th 2016

Below I have posted a screenshot of some headlines that caught my eye whilst browsing my favorite news informer. It is weird. For real. They are all there together, one right after another and include things like: “Trump was born in Pakistan”, he’s a descendant of Vikings, Bishops are in it now, Trump in China, and finally… he’s an abnormal – pathological too – liar.

That’s a lot of descriptions for a very simple individual. They gonna be telling us he’s got alien blood pretty soon. Bizarre – very good word there.

But this whole thing has been weird as hell and I guess it’s only gonna get weirder… “America” The Reality Show of the Year.. I can see the advertisements for the television show now…

Well Muricans we have front row seats; and world out there, please don’t judge us all for this.


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