The Old Ways… Red Sky in the Morn – Sailor Take Warn…

So this morning I am thinking about all those little old folks I grew up around and all their great little sayings… Its a little sad when I mindlessly say something they would have said and no one has a clue what it means. The old folks we grew up with had knowledge… they weren’t out there running races with the teenagers trying to be cool, none of those little old ladies were competing with me for my boyfriend either… The world is a different place and possibly, some small saying may give you piece of mind… some small superstition may keep you safe – just by chance of course… Some remnant of an old euphemism may keep you dry some day and on that note, I will give you this:

Red Sky at Night – Sailor’s Delight

Red Sky in the Morn – Sailor Take Warn

What does that mean?? Well, over the course of hundreds of years sailors have been able to figure out what the weather will be doing by just studying the sky. In those hundreds of years, they have realized that when the weather is going to be great, the sky is red in the evening.

When it is going to rain and storm… the sky will be red in the morning. Check it out!


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